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5on Google,Oct 11, 2018


Sunchase has a great and friendly maintenance staff. Very helpful and professional.

5on Apartment Ratings,Aug 09, 2018


My experience actually living at The Greens at Sunchase has been great. The apartment facilities are well-kept and clean, as is my apartment building itself. My unit had new carpet upon move-in and I've had no problems with smell, bugs, etc. All very clean and nice. Any issues that required maintenance were responded to very promptly. Occasionally people come into the apartment to change the air filter, check the smoke detectors, etc., and I always receive notice several days beforehand via a note by the door. Parking is no problem and, though I don't have much interaction with my neighbours, they all seem nice and noise is never an issue. I have had no issues with utilities, etc. There is only one option for an internet provider and thankfully internet has been fast and reliable. HOWEVER, I have been disappointed by management staff. Their salespeople are very nice, but I have had issues that indicate a lack of communication among the staff. During the lease-signing process, obviously we had discussed my rent and security deposit beforehand. When they sent me the actual lease to sign, I noticed that the security deposit was incorrect (in my favour!). Trying to be honest, I let them know about the mistake and gave them the chance to fix it prior to signing. The manager had gone for the day by that time, so I had to wait until the next day to get a new copy. Imagine my surprise the next day when I get the new copy of my lease, where they've not only fixed the security deposit amount but also raised my rent by $15 each month! They explained that they had just found out that the unit had been given "nicer fixtures" and that justified the last-minute increase in rent. I found that to be extremely unprofessional and shady. I signed the lease anyway and - as noted above - have been able to live there happily, but the whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth and is one of the reasons that I plan to leave when my lease runs out. There have been several other communication issues where I speak to the manager or to a salesperson about an issue, they say it won't be a problem/is taken care of, and then I later find that this wasn't communicated properly to everyone. It can be frustrating, so I try to avoid interacting with the staff as much as possible. Otherwise, Sunchase has been a great place to live.

5on Facebook,May 17, 2018


I love it here!! Such a friendly community! The pool is fantastic�

5on Google,Jan 29, 2018


I moved here to the Greens at Sunchase in Farmville Va on July 15th. First and foremost , kudos to all the staff! They are warm, sincere, knowledgeable and helpful without ever a hint of annoyance . Maintenance is always quick and always Nice and respectful !! I was amazed when I saw my apartment! It is light and airy and everything I’ve ever dreamed of. A beachy feel to me. The amenities are fabulous . I swim in the gorgeous pool that has a waterfall, every day in the summer. There is a club room , gym , yoga room, movie theatre, and computer room, all at your disposal for free. There are basketball and volleyball areas for those who are still young enough to do that🙄 My favorite , however, is corn hole which you can play by the pool!!! Retirement can be lonely at first , but , the staff has made me feel like I belong 😊 Thanks Sunchase. Donna Amice

5on Google,Jun 30, 2017


What a wonderful place to live! My experience with Sunchase has been nothing less than exceptional. The application and check in process is professional and efficient. The pool, gym, and common area is always clean and available. The staff always make you feel welcome and that your needs are important. Although, I have need very little service, it has been prompt. I would highly recommend Sunchase.

5on Facebook,May 23, 2017

Shante Tootie

Sunchase is the best place I have lived. Maggie Boyer is fantastic at what she does. She doesn't mind helping and answering any questions you may have. I would recommend Sunchase to anyone who wants a quiet and fun neighborhood .

5on Google,Dec 07, 2016

Mary Ann

I love Sunchase. When I toured the property everyone was really nice and the staff knew everything about the area and the apartments and the girl that helped me was able to answer all of my parents questions. My parents sell houses and were happy with the whole process.

5on Google,Nov 18, 2016


Love Sunchase! Best staff ever, they are super friendly, know what they are talking about unlike other places in Farmville and work hard to find what you are looking for. The apartment is so nice, I love that I can have my dog with me and I have my own bathroom. After doing the math my parents found that Sunchase is a lot cheaper than living on campus. The gym and dog park are my favorite! The maintenance team is the best! I have never had such an amazing maintenance team who are so quick to fix any issue.

5on Google,Sep 27, 2016


Great place to live, (especially if you're in college). I lived in the Greens for about a year with a small child and it was still great!

5on Google,Sep 02, 2016


Muy fresco, mi perro es más fuerte que yo

5on Facebook,Aug 31, 2016


Sunchase is, by far, the best place I have ever lived. It is a great environment with friendly people. Everything is so neat, and clean. My apartment is very spacious and it includes a very nice kitchen, back porch, and bedroom. I also get my own bathroom! I love that everyone around me is in college and this makes me feel safe. I also get that sense of safety from the police officer that lives in the apartments. I love that Sunchase is one of the few places in Farmville where I can have my dog with me. He is so happy because he gets to spend time walking around Sunchase, with its nice sidewalks and landscape, and playing at the dog park with provided toys, drinking water, and doggie bags. I also enjoy going to the pool for free. Sunchase also has a gym that has everything I need to work out. Another thing I love about Sunchase is that there are many events here that bring the community together. I have had so much fun at Sunchase and will continue to enjoy the many things it offers.

5on Apartment Ratings,Mar 21, 2016


I lived at Sunchase from 2010 thru 2012 and found it to be an outstanding apartment community with staff that genuinely cared about the residents. It was unbelievable how well the community functioned with both college students and families living within the same friendly confines and I would certainly move back if the town of Farmville were to become my destination once again.

5on Apartment Ratings,Jan 07, 2016


I lived at Sunchase for four years and miss it constantly. I lived in both the the student style apartments and the Greens. Yes, there are other properties in the area that may be closer to the center of town, but the quality of life for residents at Sunchase is just better. The pool is beautiful and I don't think you could find a more pet friendly community in a college town. It is nearby EVERYTHING and gets more delivery services than locations closer to campus. The level of service I received from Maintenance was wonderful. People never realize how lucky they are to have such high caliber service in 24 hours or less. Senior Management is wonderful, and overall the company knows what they are doing. They are very accommodating to diverse needs and work to make each person's housing experience unique. They helped me with pet registration and to make sure I always understood my rental charges at renewal time. I think most of the people who worked there when I lived there are gone, but they were good. There was always someone there, but they get pretty busy sometimes. I wouldn't have lived anywhere else.

5on Apartments,Sep 21, 2015


High Apartments, Unbeatable Price Farmville is extremely affordable and you can rent a home for less than 900 dollars a month, but these apartments are just a good and are the nicest in Farmville in my opinion. Very spacious apartments, the grounds are well-maintained, management is very responsive, and the location is ideal.

5on Apartments,Sep 21, 2015


High Apartments, Unbeatable Price Farmville is extremely affordable and you can rent a home for less than 900 dollars a month, but these apartments are just a good and are the nicest in Farmville in my opinion. Very spacious apartments, the grounds are well-maintained, management is very responsive, and the location is ideal.