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Sunchase at Longwood review summary

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98 Reviews

5on Google,Feb 13, 2019


I am very happy living at Sunchase. My apartment is nice, the maintenance staff are quick to come if there’s a problem, and the office staff is very helpful! I would recommend!!

5on Google,Feb 04, 2019


I’ve lived at Sunchase for about 2 years and it’s great, especially for Longwood students! The location is pretty secluded from the rest of Farmville so it makes it quieter. And the staff are always so nice! The maintenance team is always great and ready to help with any problems in the apartment. They’re very quick with work orders as well.

5on Google,Feb 03, 2019


I’ve lived at sunchase for 3 years! They are always so nice and accommodating when we need things! The Maintenance team is so amazing and is always able to fix any issues we have no matter how small! The staff in the office is always friendly! I’ve loved living here for my college experience

5on Google,Feb 03, 2019


I loved living here for three years.

5on Google,Feb 03, 2019


Went on a tour of the apartments on Saturday. The staff was very professional and could answer all of my questions. The apartment I saw was beautiful, and the amenities that are offered were great. Living here truly seems worth the price Sunchase offers.

5on Google,Feb 01, 2019


Love is in the air in Feb. I love Sunchase and the wonderful workers; especially MAINTENANCE!

5on Google,Feb 01, 2019


We love living at Sunchase. The management staff is top notch and maintenance is always just a phone call away. The pool in the summer is fantastic and we've recently started enjoying the gym. Couldn't ask for better amenities. We also love that the complex is so pet-friendly!

5on Google,Feb 01, 2019


We love living at the Sunchase Greens! Very professional, prompt service. The maintenance staff, office staff are very helpful and friendly! They have a little playground, gym, a beautiful clubhouse, movie theater, basketball court! Will recommend them without a doubt!

5on Google,Feb 01, 2019


Very nice apartments. Luxury living at an affordable price. Good quality neighbors that are friendly. It is community not just a complex.

5on Google,Feb 01, 2019


The Sunchase team is always willing to help. Whenever we have maintenance come they are always super helpful and come within the same day. It’s quiet and easy to live here! Always recommending to my friends!

5on Google,Feb 01, 2019


Sunchase office staff present as professional /friendly and helpful!!! I like the quick &efficient attention of the maintenance staff as well!!!

5on Google,Feb 01, 2019


Sunchase staff have always been quick and responsive. It is a very comfortable and nice apartment! I love that everyone in my apartment has their own bathroom, this allows for us all to have privacy. Prices are fair compared to the rest of Farmville living!

4on Google,Feb 01, 2019


Sunchase is a great place to live if you’re a Longwood Student! All the apartments are spacious and up to date. My roommates and I love our apartment. And it’s pet friendly!

5on Google,Jan 31, 2019


I absolutely love Sunchase at Longwood! I have lived here for a year and a half while I attending Longwood University. The maintenance team and the people that work in the office are so nice and very helpful. They are willing to work with you with just about anything. The apartments are very spacious and everyone gets their own bathroom (a big plus!). I would definitely recommend living at Sunchase at Longwood!

5on Apartment Ratings,Jan 22, 2019


I love the size of the rooms they are bright and sunny! The maintenance team is excellent. They offer recycling as well! All the tenants that I have met have been helpful and friendly I am very happy!

5on Google,Oct 11, 2018


Sunchase has a great and friendly maintenance staff. Very helpful and professional.

5on Apartment Ratings,Aug 09, 2018


My experience actually living at The Greens at Sunchase has been great. The apartment facilities are well-kept and clean, as is my apartment building itself. My unit had new carpet upon move-in and I've had no problems with smell, bugs, etc. All very clean and nice. Any issues that required maintenance were responded to very promptly. Occasionally people come into the apartment to change the air filter, check the smoke detectors, etc., and I always receive notice several days beforehand via a note by the door. Parking is no problem and, though I don't have much interaction with my neighbours, they all seem nice and noise is never an issue. I have had no issues with utilities, etc. There is only one option for an internet provider and thankfully internet has been fast and reliable. HOWEVER, I have been disappointed by management staff. Their salespeople are very nice, but I have had issues that indicate a lack of communication among the staff. During the lease-signing process, obviously we had discussed my rent and security deposit beforehand. When they sent me the actual lease to sign, I noticed that the security deposit was incorrect (in my favour!). Trying to be honest, I let them know about the mistake and gave them the chance to fix it prior to signing. The manager had gone for the day by that time, so I had to wait until the next day to get a new copy. Imagine my surprise the next day when I get the new copy of my lease, where they've not only fixed the security deposit amount but also raised my rent by $15 each month! They explained that they had just found out that the unit had been given "nicer fixtures" and that justified the last-minute increase in rent. I found that to be extremely unprofessional and shady. I signed the lease anyway and - as noted above - have been able to live there happily, but the whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth and is one of the reasons that I plan to leave when my lease runs out. There have been several other communication issues where I speak to the manager or to a salesperson about an issue, they say it won't be a problem/is taken care of, and then I later find that this wasn't communicated properly to everyone. It can be frustrating, so I try to avoid interacting with the staff as much as possible. Otherwise, Sunchase has been a great place to live.

5on Facebook,May 17, 2018


I love it here!! Such a friendly community! The pool is fantastic�