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Sunchase at Longwood review summary

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4on Google,Sep 08, 2021


I moved to Sunchase a few weeks ago and I definitely enjoy living here! The staff in the Sunchase leasing office are so nice and helpful! I enjoy using the gym and clubhouse at Sunchase whenever I feel like working out or getting some homework done.

5on Google,Sep 03, 2021


Since I moved to Sunchase in July, it's been a great experience. The pool party last weekend was a fun time, the staff has been very helpful, and I've gotten to know a lot of new people. Hope to attend more events in the future.

5on Google,Sep 02, 2021


i love living at Sunchase! the staff is the best and is always super nice. it is a wonderful place to live!!

5on Google,Sep 01, 2021


I couldn’t of asked for a better place to live. They are quick to respond and very personable. Jeannie and Heather are wonderful!

5on Our Website,Sep 01, 2021


Amaaaaaaazing time. Everyone was friendly. It was just too bad they couldn't get in the pool too. We love our staff please let them join in on the fun next time!!!!!

5on Google,Sep 01, 2021


Best place to live! The staff is always so nice and welcoming. We had a pool party recently and the set up was so cute. They also had a dozen or more prizes to give away. The emeployees here at Sunchase always go out of their way to provide us with such a fun expeerience. Hands down one of my favorite places in farmville.

5on Google,Sep 01, 2021


absolutely love everything about sunchase!! Highly recommend:)

5on Google,Sep 01, 2021


I love living at Sunchase! This is my second year here. The maintenance service here is responsive the same day or by the end of the week! They are always doing give always. They even have their own office dog who enjoys attention by all residents! Would recommend to anyone.

5on Google,Sep 01, 2021


Very quick response time from their staff and maintenance departments. Wonderful place to live, and most of the neighbors I have met are so friendly!

5on Google,Sep 01, 2021


Sunchase is one of the best apartments that I have lived in. They love giving back to their community (pool parties, zoo for kids, etc). I enjoy living at sunchase. I would definitely recommend sunchase to anyone looking for a place around the Farmville area!

4on Google,Sep 01, 2021


I enjoy living at Sunchase! The apartments are a good size and it is cheaper than living on campus. I am allowed to have my pets and love all fun event that Sunchase hosts for their residents!

5on Google,Sep 01, 2021


Sunchase is the absolute best place to live as a college student or a FarmVille resident. Sunchase is not just a place to live but a community. There are always events taking place, and they are free to Sunchase residents!🤩 Highly recommend Sunchase. The employees are also so friendly and welcoming.

5on Google,Sep 01, 2021


I absolutely love living at sunchase! The staff are very friendly and take good care of residents, which makes for a great community feel!

5on Google,Sep 01, 2021


Been living at sunchase since May 2021 and can definitely say it’s a great place to live. The apartments are renovated and have hardwood flooring. The office staff is always doing fun activities and giveaways! You can definitely tell sunchase cares about their residents!

5on Google,Sep 01, 2021


I just moved to Sunchase a few weeks ago, but have enjoyed my experience so far! The leasing office is always a great help, especially for new residents like me. Sunchase also has a pool, gym, and other amazing amenities, and is also animal friendly for all the animal lovers out there! I highly recommend living at Sunchase!

5on Google,Sep 01, 2021


I started living at Sunchase my sophomore year of college, and renewed my lease to stay Junior year also! The office staff are so friendly and helpful, and they always plan fun events to get us together for a good time! Highly recommend checking out Sunchase Apartments if you’re looking for an affordable place to live that is close to Longwood’s Campus!

5on Google,Jul 07, 2021


I transferred to Longwood and lived in Sunchase 2 of my 3 years there. I loved living at Sunchase and cannot say enough about the staff and facilities there. I just graduated and will be moving for my new job but am struggling to find an affordable place that offers everything Sunchase had to offer.

5on Google,Jun 27, 2021


I lived at Sunchase my senior year at Longwood University and loved the updated apartment and the amenities! The community is friendly and very clean! The Sunchase rental team are super helpful and plan different events to thank the renters and instill a community spirit. Very fortunate to have found Sunchase!

5on Google,Jan 14, 2021


A great place for college students! The basketball court, outdoor grills and hammocks are great for hanging out with friends

5on Google,Jan 14, 2021


The staff of Sunchase at Longwood have been so helpful. Whenever there is a problem, they are more than happy to help and make things right.

5on Google,Jan 14, 2021


I love Sunchase! The people in the office are so helpful and very personable. It is a great place to live with many benefits. Highly recommend living here!

5on Google,Jan 14, 2021


I cannot say enough great things about Sunchase! They are always very helpful when signing up for your lease and with any other questions you have. They also have amazing amenities such as a gym, pool, and free printing.

5on Google,Oct 21, 2020


While commuting to Longwood University, Sunchase is the best place for me. They offer great service and awesome amenities like the gym, pool, and office center. I love living at Sunchase.